About us

The Movement and Dance Society is dedicated to bringing dance to university.

Whether you live ballet, love breakdance or dance bachata the Movement and Dance Society (MADSOC) is for you! Affiliated with the University of Sydney’s Student Union, MADSOC hosts a range of performance, practice and social activities for those with a love for dance.

MADSOC welcomes dancers of all levels. Weekly on-campus classes include styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin, Tap, Hip Hop and Zumba. Taught by students, classes give students & teachers the opportunity to practise in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Members can also perform in the award-winning yearly MADSOC production, and regular class showcases.  Join in our inter-society and social events: dinners, flashmobs, the Performing Arts Ball, the Verge Festival, and outings to various dance classes and shows in Sydney.

Our Team 

Meet your 2018 executives


Joshua Riley


Joshua Riley - President 

Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Advanced Science (Neuroscience) IV

Josh is what you would call a ‘multi-threat’. You think you’ve seen it all once he starts tapping, but then he whips out every dance style possible, and possibly ends in a complicated stamp combination triggering stage lights that mindblows you (and everyone in your performance audience). As President, Josh is guaranteed to put as much love into MADSOC as he does his choreographed pieces. He has a heart of gold and we are so lucky to have such an icon guiding us through the year.


Bronte Coles


Bronte Coles - Vice President 

Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) IV

Bronte is the life of the party. When she’s not entertaining you all on the radio, she can be found dancing on the tables at karaoke, participating in a budget (and two person) rendition of Chicago, or sitting in front of the television with a bottle of wine (cheap). As vice president, Bronte will ensure that the drinks are flowing, and music pumping, as long as we all can sing along.


Emily Zhong


Emily Zhong - Secretary

Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (Honours) (Mechatronics) IV

A true asset to MADSOC, Emily has already served as the President of MADSOC and Producer of Kinetica. She’s obviously one of the best dancers amongst us and name a dance style she can definitely do it with ease. Emily is so passionate about dancing and is truly friendly to her friends and the dance community around her. At any given opportunity we will throw her with most of the dangerous stunts on stage. If you’re new to MADSOC, make the effort to get to know her!


Vanessa You


Vanessa You - Treasurer

Bachelor of Advanced Science/Master of Nutrition and Dietetics II

With a brain as good as her arabesques, Vanessa is your go-to when it comes to learning the choreography you forgot from last week. Less Abrams, and more Amorosi, absolutely everybody loves Vanessa and you will too!


Karen Okuda


Karen Okuda - Media and Marketing Officer

Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) (History) II

Karen is kawaii! She loves to dance (but not stretch), enjoys movies, and adores exploring new places with her camera. She is immensely strong in spirit, and always here to make your MADSOC more creative, fantastic and special.


Tiarne Gilligan


Tiarne Gilligan - Event Coordinator

Bachelor of Applied Science (Diagnostic Radiography) II

Tiarne is a powerhouse of ideas and can make absolutely anything happen. Tiarne loves her two adorable dogs and is always up for a good time. She's also the creative mind behind many of MADSOC's finest performances and we are so lucky to have her in our team!


Janet Yin


Janet Yin - Performance Coordinator

Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) (Economics, Qbus and Marketing) II

Janet is a big lover of fun from selfies and singing to dancing and push-ups! After setting up all of MADSOC’s performances on campus she loves to get into watermelon cake, level 11 spicy Thai noodles and coffee. When not engrossed in economics she likes to take the relaxing way of life on swings and ferris wheels.


Meliza Nardo


Meliza Nardo - Class Coordinator

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Industrial Relations and HRM) III

Meliza is a star tapper and an amazing performer to watch on stage. With one MADSOC major production under her belt, you should look forward to what she will bring to the 2018 production. As Meliza is in charge of classes this year, you can guarantee that there will be a good variety and they will be a good time. She loves coffee and donuts and you can catch her listening Harry Styles.


AuDrey Jagle


Audrey Jagle - General Executive

Bachelor of Science (Nutritional Science) II

Audrey trained pre-professionally in ballet during her senior years of high school before she joined MADSOC at uni. Although she is classically trained, turn on The Water Dance by Chris Porter and she will bust out a funky move or two! She is an absolute dream to watch on stage, and catch her wearing stripes on stripes on stripes when she’s at uni or rehearsals.


Brianna Mccurdy


Brianna McCurdy - General Executive

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (English, Ancient History and Archaeology)  V

With several years and productions with MADSOC under her belt, Brianna is one of the exec’s most experienced and ‘wise’ members. Brie is the resident costume making expert of MADSOC, the other half to the aforementioned 2-person budget production of Chicago, and one of few members who can carry a tune.  Despite injuries, she is always down to have a good time, and can often be found livening up the dance floor, most definitely with a bottle of wine or tequila in near proximity.


Kasumi Higewake


Kasumi Higewake - General Executive

Bachelor of Social Work III

Kasumi was previously the Events Manager of EDSOC before joining the MADSOC executive team. Bringing a wealth of experience we are excited to see what she can conjure up. You may of seen her throwing down in hip-hop and JFH but don't be surprised when she wips out the tap steps. With a natural rhythm, you can always find her at the centre of the dance floor, mixing and dancing with everyone.