What is MADSOC? 
MADSOC is the University of Sydney’s Movement and Dance Society. We encourage involvement with dance through our classes, events, and major production. All dancers from every style and any level are welcome!

How do I join?
You can join MADSOC at any of our classes or events. All you need is to bring along your USU/Access number and $5, find a member of the executive and they’ll take care of the rest!

What do I get out of being a member?
Being a MADSOC member gives you access to our weekly classes, discounts at our events, and the opportunity to perform in our major and minor productions.

Do I need to be a USU/Access Member? 
Yes, you need a USU/Access membership to be a member of the society. It’s free to join if you are a USYD student, and you can sign up here. If you’re from another university you’re still welcome to attend any of our events, but you may need to pay a few dollars extra. You can also still join our productions, but will need to pay $45 for an Access membership. Classes for non-USU/Access members are $5.

Can I join if I don’t go to USYD?
Yes! However you will need to become an Access member, which is $45/year for non-USYD students.

Where can I watch MADSOC videos?
You can find our videos on our YouTube channel. We post videos of our performances and classes.

I want to join the mailing list, how do I do that?
Shoot us an e-mail at [email protected] and we’ll add you!


How much are classes?
Classes are free for members, and $5 per class for everybody else.

Can I take classes if I’m not a member?
Yes! If you’re not a member though, it will cost $5 per class.

I have no experience, can I take a class?
This depends on the class. Most of our classes are open which means the teacher will adapt the class for whoever shows up. If a class is specifically for beginners or advanced dancers, it will say so on our timetable.

Where are the classes? 
You can find the locations of our classes here.

What do I wear for class? 
Wear any comfortable dance clothes for the style. If you’re attending classes such as tap or ballet, bring along your shoes.

Who are the teachers?
Our teachers are MADSOC members who come from a variety of backgrounds and styles. All of them are passionate about dance and many have been training for most of their lives.

Can I teach for MADSOC?
Yes! Look out on our Facebook and Instagram page for teacher callouts, usually a few weeks before each semester begins.