About us

The Movement and Dance Society is dedicated to bringing dance to university.

Whether you live ballet, love breakdance or dance bachata the Movement and Dance Society (MADSOC) is for you! Affiliated with the University of Sydney’s Student Union, MADSOC hosts a range of performance, practice and social activities for those with a love for dance.

MADSOC welcomes dancers of all levels. Weekly on-campus classes include styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin, Tap, Hip Hop and Zumba. Taught by students, classes give students & teachers the opportunity to practise in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Members can also perform in the award-winning yearly MADSOC production, and regular class showcases.  Join in our inter-society and social events: dinners, flashmobs, the Performing Arts Ball, the Verge Festival, and outings to various dance classes and shows in Sydney.

Our Team 

Meet your 2019 executive team members


Vanessa You


Vanessa You - President 

Bachelor of Advanced Science/Master of Nutrition and Dietetics III

You think you know what organised means? You don’t. Not until you meet Vanessa, who (we can assure you) has been up since 6am this morning, planning the best year of MADSOC yet! And if you ever have a question, she’ll definitely know the answer - you can find her on the dance floor, with her left leg in a high kick. Combine her flawless dance technique, keenness, and love of dance, and you have yourself our President!


Karen Tengan Okuda


Karen tengan Okuda - Vice President 

Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) III

Karen is the life of a party! When she’s not consuming soju, you can find her practicing her moves in Elliott Miller with the Trouble Trio or taking photos on her 35mm camera. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, with a killer smile and even better moves.


Meliza Nardo


Meliza Nardo - Secretary

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Industrial Relations and HRM) IV

Meliza is a dedicated and organised member of the society. She has had experience in being an important part of MADSOC, and is always active with regards to any event that the society holds. The love she has for tap brings an exceptional excitement in any dance that she is in. As usual, Meliza will bring joy to MADSOC and will do a great job in being part of organising the society.


Sibel Alca


Sibel Alca - Treasurer

Bachelor of Science (Medical Science) II

Sibel is the personification of sunshine within MADSOC! Not just with her groovy colourful outfits (she is the owner of an ICONIC pink leather jacket) but with her infectious smile and bubbly enthusiasm. She is a beautiful dancer versed in ballet and contemporary, but also catch her busting out some moves in JFH classes. Outside of MADSOC she is a real hustler, including teaching swimming at the university pool - which explains her constantly chlorine bleached locks.


Julia Manchester


Julia Manchester - Media and Marketing Officer

Bachelor of Economics and Arts II

Julia will amaze you with the her most natural-harmonic salsa rhythm and smiles on the dance floor. While the music is not blasting you will find her at the library trying to absorb everything from the bricks that are her textbooks. If you think an injury will stop this girl, Julia will prove you wrong. “I am at the stage where even a slight movement hurts, but… I can still dance with you”, and how could anyone resist her? Well you won’t have a choice this semester because this blondie is overseas on exchange! Julia will surely enlighten MADSOC when she is back, and we are sure that it will be the start of something bigger and better!


Nancy Luo


Nancy Luo - Event Coordinator

Bachelor of Science and Advanced Studies (Medical Science) II

Nancy brings so much energy and enthusiasm to her role as Events Coordinator in the MADSOC executive team. She has an endless supply of ideas, and is always happy to put in the time to make MADSOC events as good as they are, despite her crazy class and sleeping schedule! When she joined last year, she brought a whole lot of fun to weekly classes which she regularly attends, and is such a funny and down-to-earth character that she makes the MADSOC group feel like a family when she’s around. She is also a very talented dancer, particularly when it comes to contemporary. But she’s always willing to try new dance styles, which you’ll surely discover at the various MADSOC classes each week. She’s a friendly face that loves meeting new people!


Izumi Takahashi


Izumi Takahashi - Performance Coordinator

Bachelor of Arts II

Izumi is one of our extremely talented MADSOC members who is bound to have our performances organised and looking fantastic for a great show! You’ll probably see her around in a pair of Doc Martens or Vans, but don’t let this fool you, she can kick those shoes way up into a leg mount from her training in ballet. Her technique and enthusiastic smile are 2 of the many assets Izumi brings to the MADSOC executive team for this year.


Vanessa Di Tano


vanessa Di Tano - Class Coordinator

Bachelor of Applied Science (Sport and Exercise Science) II

Vanessa is one of the most dedicated MADSOC members in the whole society. She is super keen to be involved in any activity or any production that is put on. When Vanessa is not dancing her heart out, she is hanging with her friends and catching a good meal. Thanks to Vanessa’s hard work and dedication, you can guarantee you will have lots of amazing classes on offer and will always have a great time.


Mike Mao



Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (Honours) III

Always ready to bust out some moves any time, anywhere, Mike is one of the most enthusiastic dancers you will ever meet. Find him dancing during the day in Elliott Miller Studio, or salsa-ing his Wednesday nights away at Ivy league club! You can always count on Mike be ready to get his groove on.


Lara Houen


Lara Houen - General Executive

Bachelor of Science and Advanced Studies (Animal and Veterinary Bioscience) II

Meet Lara! Not only is she a fabulous tapper and wonderful at ballet, she is the sweetest person ever! Loves anything to do with animals and Harry Potter. We are so lucky to have this keen bean on board with us this year.


Audrey Jagle


Audrey Jagle - General Executive

Bachelor of Science III

Audrey is no stranger to MADSOC! As a General Executive last year, we’re lucky to have her on the team again this year! For those who don’t know Audrey is an absolute ballet star, training pre-professionally in senior years of high school. Now with MADSOC, she’s keen to show off her groovy side taking on styles such as musical theatre, jazz and urban!