Minor Production 2019



To resonate: evoke images, memories, and emotions.

Resonance will explore the aspects of our lives that occupy the extremes of our emotions, experiences and beliefs. Those feelings and experiences that don’t make up our everyday movements, but have such an impact and resonate with us beyond its immediate effects. Be it an emotion so strong that it doesn’t feel like it could possibly be a human experience, but now colours the way in which your world moves; or it could be the resonance of a story you read or were told that has changed the way in which you see and experience the world. Maybe, it’s the way in which you perform your everyday. Resonance is the extraordinary that reverberates through the individual, and how this powers you to move, feel and think.

Director: Brianna McCurdy

Producer: Tiarne Gilligan

Dancer auditions

We are on the search for committed and enthusiastic dancers who want to be a part of MADSOC's first minor production. This production will be held around 6pm on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th March, 2019 (Week 3, Semester 1). Rehearsals will commence around mid January and run through February. Commitment levels will depend on your choreographer/your availability and full cast rehearsals. All rehearsals will be held during non-work time. The stage will be circular and we are pushing for choreographers to make their pieces more abstract and conceptual.

After you have filled in the audition form (https://goo.gl/8U7f81), please submit your video to the dropbox submission link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/IOjSpdpaSqWJihou9f4T

You may submit:

  • Your own choreography

  • Any videos of yourself in MADSOC performances

  • Eisteddfod videos

  • If you have none of the above and don't want to create your own dance, we can email you a short dance sequence to learn and video yourself doing

If you want to link a YouTube video, please just create a word document with the link and submit that.

Ensure that the file you upload contains your full name as the file name so we know who you are.

Auditions close Friday 16th November

Contact the team

If you have any questions or queries about the Minor Production, please contact us on [email protected]