September 20th-21st, 2013

Artistic Director: Elena Lambrinos
Producer: Luke Derrick

Magnetic is a performance event that looks at the capacity of our bodies to affect and be affected. Inspired by director Elena Lambrinos’ research in dance, body pedagogy and affect theory, the show aims to leave audiences considering the different ways that bodies can mean and to highlight the body as an event, as a happening. How is consciousness shaped by the push and pull of different forces. What draws us in? What repels us? What forces exert on us and forge us into the beings we are today?

Magnetic is an experiment. What happens when you bring together 12 young and talented choreographers of different styles, working only with the concept of Magnetic to bind them? How do choreographers, dancers, audiences make links between disparate and conceptual representations of Magnetic? The end result is a hybrid production of hip-hop, contemporary, bellydancing, ballet, Argentine tango, jazz rumba, tap & JFH.

Magnetic is an outlet for creativity, inspiration, interpretation, potential. It is founded on the fact that no dance style or embodied expression is more tenable or deserving than another. That no grand narrative or storyline is more important than the one you imagine as you take in the show. But more than anything, Magnetic is potential- potential to be whatever you want it to be. Be affected.

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