… as a member

Only once you are a member will you receive the important updates and info to stay in the know. Membership costs $5, but USU Access membership is a prerequisite. All classes and most events are free, so go on and join one of campus’ most boppin’ societies! You can formally sign up by identifying any of MADSOC’s friendly executives at any MADSOC event or class.


… as a teacher

Yes, you! If you ever wanted to teach, now’s the time. MADSOC’s teaching environment is friendly and supportive, and you only need to dedicate an hour a week. You’ll get the opportunity to develop your teaching skills, see your choreography performed in classes and showcases, and take advantage of MADSOC’s Youtube channel (here!) to share videos of your class! Get in contact at [email protected].


… as part of the media team

Just as much as we love dance, we love people that can present dance in a new, beautiful way. If you have interest in capturing dance as a photographer, videographer, or a graphic designer, MADSOC is interested in taking you on! You’ll receive credit for all your contributions. Our material is well-promoted online and on posters and merchandise. Send examples of previous work with an email describing why you’d like to work with MADSOC to [email protected].


… as a sponsor

The Movement and Dance Society is dedicated to bringing dance to university. If this is something you or your company supports, the team will be very glad to accommodate you. MADSOC has a member base of 600+, and actively engages with its members and the wider community via (inter-) university / public events and social media.

MADSOC is constantly seeking new and exciting opportunities. Express interest via email, to [email protected].