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The Movement and Dance Society is dedicated to bringing dance to university.

Whether you ballet, breakdance or bachata the Movement and Dance Society (MADSOC) is for you! Affiliated with the University of Sydney’s Student Union, MADSOC hosts a range of performance, practice and social activities for those with a love for dance.

MADSOC welcomes dancers of all levels. Weekly on-campus classes include styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin, Tap, Hip Hop and Zumba. Taught by students, classes give students & teachers the opportunity to practise in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Members can also perform in the award-winning yearly MADSOC production, and regular class showcases.  Join in our inter-society and social events: dinners, flashmobs, the Performing Arts Ball, the Verge Festival, and outings to various dance classes and shows in Sydney.